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OPP: Mom in the Delivery Room

Yi! Today's OPP comes from Andrea:

Yi! I have a problem. My baby girl is due on 4/20. My whole family lives in Illinois and wants to come out for her birth. My boyfriend and I are thrilled to have them, but my mom wants to get more involved than I'd like. When I actually deliver the baby I'd like it to just be me, my boyfriend, and older sister in the room. My mom has insisted the whole pregnancy that she gets to be in the delivery room with us. I've always just blown it off and gave a short answer as to avoid any conflict. I was talking to my sister today and told her for sure that I do not want mom in the room with us. I love her but she automatically adds extra stress in these types of situations and makes me anxious. Well my sister must've told my mom, because I got a text from her "just making sure" she's the number one person that gets to be there for the delivery. With only a month left until she's due the time is getting close. How do I tell my mom, who has made it very clear she'd be very upset if I didn't let her in the delivery room, that I just don't want her to be there? Help me!

How should she tell her mother that she doesn't want her in the delivery room without hurting her feelings?

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03/26/2014 9:03PM
OPP: Mom in the Delivery Room
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03/28/2014 8:10PM
It's not about her!
This is about you and your baby! Just because she insists she simply must be there doesn't give her the right. But it is up to you to let her know what you want as soon as possible! Don't be specific about why (the stress and anxiety), just that it's something you need. Not you and your boyfriend but you! No matter how much detail she wants, stay calm and say it's something you need and you truly want your mom to be a part of the baby's life right after and from then on. It'll mean so much to you and her new granddaughter. And if you tell her ASAP, she should have time to get over it.
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