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OPP: Love Brother's Friend

Today’s OPP is from Candy:
So I have two older brothers and they always have their friends over to our house when they come home from college. I’ve always had the little sister crush on some of their friends, thinking they’re cute and all but lately I’ve started to get feelings for one specific friend. We always flirt with each other when he comes over but obviously nothing happens since my brothers are always in the same room. He’s only two years older than me and it seems like he’s interested in me but I don’t think he’d ever make a move, cause he’d be scared of what my brothers would think. I’d like to see if he feels the same way but I don’t want to put our friendship in jeopardy if he doesn’t. I also don’t want to make my brothers’ mad and ruin the friendship they have with him. Should I tell him like him? Tell my brothers? If so how should I talk to all three of them about how I’m feeling?
Slacker thinks if the brothers want their friend and sister to be happy then they should be okay with the relationship. He believes that love trumps friendship and thinks she should see what happens with him.  He wonders if the girl Steve chose not to pursue because of his friendship could have been the one for him.

Steve had a crush on his best friend’s sister but chose not to pursue her to maintain his friendship. He wonders what’s more important: The feelings for the sister, or the importance of the friendship. He thinks it is too high of a price to pay.

What should she do?

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04/17/2014 5:17PM
OPP: Love Brother's Friend
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