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OPP: Let Go of Friend

Yi Slacker & Steve,
I have been friends with Sara forever, but lately I have started to realize that our friendship is not good for me.  Every time we get together she needs something.  She doesn’t come out and ask for things, but she just complains until I offer to help.  She will complain about a parking ticket that she can’t afford or tell me how she isn’t going to be able to keep her phone turned on much longer.  Don’t get me wrong, we still have fun and laugh constantly and she is sort of my only real friend but I am starting to feel used. Here’s where it gets weirder, every time I start to pull away from her she will suddenly come down with a huge illness and I will get sucked back in.  She even checked herself into the hospital last month after I didn’t return her texts for a couple of days.  I don’t know what to do.  I love her but I think I need to get away from her. What should I do?
Slacker says he can’t just walk away from a friendship like that, especially if they were really sick. He has had friends that were like Sara.  It takes some perspective and it takes getting away from the friend for a little bit to see their true colors.

Steve says he would e able to walk away in a heart eat, especially if the sickness was fake. He said the sickness thing would push him away even further and he would flat out ask about the sickness. Steve used to do it to Slacker about the money thing and Slacker offered money to him, but his intentions weren’t to get money out of him, it was to vent.He thinks she should just be open with Sara and communicate how she is feeling.

What should Kelsey do?

Intern Nikki

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04/14/2014 5:16PM
OPP: Let Go of Friend
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