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OPP: Karate Couple

Yi! Our OPP today is from Chris:

Yi! My wife and I joined the karate class to start getting back in shape. It is a lot of fun. We've been having a great time.  The only thing is that she gets too into it. We often spar during the class and she hits me really hard. I asked her to stop, but she refuses. She tells me to man up. You have to see the bruises I have! It went even so far that I asked the instructor to set me up with another sparring partner, but she found and flipped out on me. She said that we took the class to get closer together and to lose weight, but something has got to give.

How does he get her to stop beating him up?

(Photo Courtesy of Flickr)

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11/14/2013 9:33PM
OPP: Karate Couple
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11/16/2013 12:36AM
Change it every day.
Today's Friday-it must be cook her some Tabasco eggs. Tomorrow is Saturday...hide her slippers. Sunday is tear out the carpet and leave those handsome wood strips around the edges.
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