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OPP: Inappropriate Back-to-School List

Today’s OPP is from Anthony:
Yi! My ex-wife and I share custody of our 8 year-old daughter. I recently received a list of Back to School items that she needs and I am responsible for paying for. My ex listed the usual school supplies, but then added spray tanning, a makeover and makeup. She swears our child needs these. She's also asked me to buy her a pair of heels for a school event. My ex and I are about to go to war over this. No 8 year-old girl should be spray tanning or wearing makeup! Who's right - me or her?
Slacker says that this is a no brainer and that Anthony is right. He says that the mothers are living vicariously though their children. Slacker says he has bought his daughter some high heels with princess on them but she would never be allowed to leave the house with it on. He says that she is eight, what would she need makeup for? Slacker says that it’s a hard spot for Anthony because everything he says no to his ex might take it personally.
Steve says that she should throw a tattoo in there as well. He wonders what the moms are like. Steve says that this is happening all of the time especially in the house, and now it’s just headed out into public. He says this is how you instill confidence in the kids, with makeup! Steve asks Slacker when will his daughter start painting toes and going to the spa with mom, he thinks its about the same way!
Who do you think is right?
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07/30/2014 5:31PM
OPP: Inappropriate Back-to-School List
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07/31/2014 11:31AM
i think its a cover
Sounds like the mom is trying to get the free makeover and makeup stuff. Sure do it but say its got to stay at the dads house
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