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OPP: In a Hurry For More Kids

We all know that guy's drag their feet on a lot of things, but today's OPP is saying no! Seth and his wife just had their second baby and she is ready for number three! Seth forgot how hard it was to have both a newborn baby and a pregnant wife. He’s not against a third child, just not thrilled about the idea. He wants to tell his wife without causing any drama.
Slacker says you have to do it or you have to get a divorce, only option. He does say if you have all babies right away, you knock out all the newborn baby throw up, smelly diapers, and messes to clean up in about three years. You can do that rather then spread all that difficult stuff up within the next six years or so.
Steve thinks she will get her way in the end. Steve’s theory that women settle with a man to have kids is starting to look up…
Lil D’s expecting his second baby as well, when his first child is barely one-year-old. He is trying to talk to his wife about putting some space in-between baby two and baby number three, but he knows it’s ultimately her decision.
What’s your advice for Seth?
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08/12/2014 5:52PM
OPP: In a Hurry For More Kids
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