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OPP: I Want Boyfriend to Press Charges


Our OPP today comes from Erica who was actually on air with us! Here is her letter,

Yi! My boyfriend went to a friend's house for a party and got really drunk and passed out. While he was passed out his friends drew daddy parts on him and took pictures of him in suggestive poses. They sent the pictures around to other friends and then someone posted a few of them on Facebook. He is friends with co-workers on Facebook and they confronted him at work about the pictures. I am absolutely enraged with his friends! It's one thing to play a joke on a friend, but to humiliate him publicly and put his job in risk is ridiculous! I want him to press charges against his friends. He’s mad, but he’s not ready to press charges! What should happen next?! What should he do? 

Slacker says this will ruin her boyfriend’s relationship with all these friends. If he were to get fired, these pictures could definitely come back to bite him. The bell has already been rung, even if you close down your Facebook, those pictures will still be there! She should take her boyfriend out and teach him how to drink.

Steve points out the fact that this mean his girlfriend has to fight battles for him. Ouch! He does say if her boyfriend goes to find a different job, and they check his Facebook, it could possibly hurt him.

What is your advice for her?

Intern Alli

Photo courtesy: Flickr.com

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08/19/2014 5:52PM
OPP: I Want Boyfriend to Press Charges
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