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OPP: Husband Wants to Play Softball

Yi! My husband is thinking about joining a softball team during the summer and I'm afraid to let him play because I know that he is going to embarrass himself.  I've played ball with him before and I put him to shame. I don't want him to be the butt of everyone's ones jokes. He hasn't made up his mind yet but, but I want to try and convince him otherwise. Should I let him play and get embarrassed or try to convince him not to?

Slacker says if his wife wanted to sing karaoke then he would definitely say she can’t. He would say that he thinks it’s great but he would get in a massive car accident so she s=could be at his bedside! Just kidding. But really, he would prevent her from doing something like that because it would embarrass her! He had a girlfriend and she believed she was a great cook and they were going to invite people over for a dinner party and she was a bad cook, he lied
and he thinks that is what Kim is going to have to do.

Steve says that if he was going to be embarrassed then he wouldn’t let the other person do anything. It would embarrass Kim to watch her husband play a horrible game. Maybe she can get one of his buddies to help tell him not to join!

What should Kim do?

Intern Nikki

(Photo courtesy Flickr.com)

03/11/2014 5:18PM
OPP: Husband Wants to Play Softball
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