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OPP: Husband Always Gives In

Today’s OPP is from Dana:
Yi! My husband gives in too easily. The other day, we had a disagreement about paying for our daughter's college. He wanted to pay for all of it. I wanted to have her chip in so that she learns responsibility. We argued for about two minutes and then he gave up and just agreed with me. It is starting to drive me up a wall. I mean I don't find it sexy when he gives in. I like that at work he takes a stand, but at home he's a big pussycat. I don't want to tell him give in to me all the time, but he should at least consider speaking up for his opinion. How do I get him to grow more of a spine at home?
Slacker hates it when people complain about things like this. He normally likes to predict what the listeners are going to say but this time he has no idea what way it can go on this one. He thinks Dana should relish the fact that her husband is giving in and not caring about all the little things. Slacker’s first marriage they both were like Danas husband. He says there was no passion or anything because of this. Slacker holds onto things, even though he might say he is okay deep down he is still heated about the argument. He says if you’re not going to win the argument what is the point on arguing at that point.
Steve can see why Dana is upset. He thinks that Dana is possibly is going to get her way anyways and her husband is just cutting out the argument. Steve is wondering if she is dominating and asks when she argues with her friends do they back down as well? 
How do you think Dana should handle this?
Intern Tyler

(Photo Courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net)

05/16/2014 5:28PM
OPP: Husband Needs A Spine
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