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Yi guys!

My husband likes helping around the house and I really appreciate the help, but he can be a lot to deal with. Whenever he cleans, he piles my things up and leaves them waiting for me to put away as soon as I walk in the door. Then he scolds me for being so messy--which I’m not. Last weekend, we went grocery shopping and before I could put anything in the cart, he had to double check the prices of every competing brand. Like I said, it’s really nice that he helps out and tries to save money, but he treats me like a child that didn’t put their toys away or doesn’t understand the concept of money. I’ve tried talking to him about it and he said I was overreacting and most women would kill to have a husband that helps as much as he does. I don’t know what to do. How do I get him to stop trying to be my parent all the time?

Slacker says that most women have a problem with their husband. He thinks she is crazy. It is bad that he is bossy, but it’s a not that bad. It’s all in how a person perceives it. “If someone were to come to my house and clean up and put my things in a corner because they don’t know where they go, then sue me.” It is a partnership. So what, someone competitively shops.

Steve agrees with Slacker and thinks that it is not okay that the gender roles are flipped. Women do this to men all the time. And right when the men tell the women to pick up their things, it becomes an ordeal.

What advice would you give Kim?

I have a man that is like this but he doesn’t scold me. That’s where Kim is right. You don’t have to treat her like a child. My boyfriend cleans up after me all the time and quite frankly is more domesticated than I, but he is nice about it. He neatly places my things for me to put away, and when I see them folded, I’ll put them away. He doesn’t nag me like a child. There’s a difference.I would tell her to just voice how she feels and just say, "Hey, you don't have to be su rude about it." There's moting scarier than an upset wife!

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12/12/2013 5:22PM
OPP Helpful Husband
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