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OPP: He's Forceful With My Kid

Yi!! You gotta help me!! I'm recently engaged and love my fiancé!! Well I have a son who's 12! Great kid! He's my life!! This is my hang up. I know they have to build their own relationship but I've never had to allow anyone to tell my son what to do or how to do it. We've only lived together for about 4 weeks now. And I'm starting to see that my fiancé speaks to my son in a very aggressive tone. When I tell my son he needs to do something he will tell my son not to do this or you're doing that wrong!! How do I address this?? They get along very well but I feel like my fiancé wants to be the boss... Not an option! Ugh! Please help!
Slacker says when he thinks about another man raising his kids it would be a nightmare. He said if he got a divorce right now and his kids called someone else dad, he would end his life. When you have kids and try to move on with life, you will have different parental strategies. He thinks that if Candy’s fiancé has a problem with the kid and discipline, then he has to go.

Steve said this is why people shouldn’t blend families. He said that if Candy’s fiancé has a problem with her parenting then say bye now or it will get worse. But if not, then he has to accept that Candy is the boss of her own kid, not him.

What do you think Candy should do?

I think she needs to put her foot down now! That is not okay! I come from a similar situation and my mom would never allow my step dad to talk to me like that or boss me around or discipline me. Ever. She needs to just out her foot down or he will continue obviously.

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04/21/2014 5:18PM
OPP: He's Forceful With My Kid
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