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OPP: He Wants to Know My Number

Today’s OPP is from Melanie
My boyfriend and I are talking about getting engaged. We had a fight after he asked how many partners I have had. I told him it was none of his business. I think if I was honest and told him my number, he would freak out because it's a lot more than he would think. I know how guys are, and he would get jealous and angry about something I can't change. Should couples reveal how many partners they have had? What do you say when you are asked?
Slacker thinks the number could relate to health issues causing a problem. He thinks it’s a valid question if you want to live a long and prosperous life with them. If it would affect your own health in the future then the question is necessary. However if he knew his wife’s number he would probably dwell on it, therefore he doesn’t want to know it.  
Steve thinks most people get their numbers in high school and college rather than when they’re adults. He thinks if you’re investing in the relationship then you need to know how many relations they’ve had in order for the relationship to continue.
Should she tell him how many previous relations she’s had?
I think he does deserve to know the number if he’s willing to marry this woman and commit the rest of his life to her. If it was just a relationship, then no he wouldn’t need to know. But since they’re considering marriage I think it’s necessary.

Intern Courtney
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03/14/2014 5:21PM
OPP: He Wants to Know My Number
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