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OPP: He Wants Nights Apart


Today’s OPP:

Melany’s boyfriend used to go out once a month for a boys night. Recently he has been going out more and more. She is worried that having too much time apart from each other will eventually start having an effect on their relationship. Melany wants to know if this is normal and healthy for a relationship.
Slacker says that if you give your boyfriend space it actually is good for the relationship. He thinks Melany should go out with her friends more often. Slacker says that her boyfriend is possibly going out to much and partying hard for being in a relationship.
Steve is wondering if Melany is smothering him to much by being to needy and clingy. He understands what the concern is and agrees.
What advice do you have for Melany?
I think Melany should just leave her boyfriend alone. Everyone needs their own time to themselves and their friends.
Intern Tyler

(Photo Courtesy: Flickr.com)

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05/30/2014 5:15PM
OPP: He Wants Nights Apart
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05/30/2014 5:47PM
So Sorry Girls
I am listening and my heart is breaking for you girls. Stay strong and keep your heads up.
05/30/2014 6:02PM
Oh no!!
She needs to have Nancy come over today before he gets home and see what his reaction is when he sees them standing together. Everybody needs time away from their loved ones, but when it becomes a habit, then there's usually a reason for it. In thispoint I'm sorry to say but he really screwed up!
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