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OPP: Get Rid of the Bed


Yi! I am divorced and have been dating Aviva for four months. She is demanding I get a new bed because we are sleeping on my marital bed. She refuses to sleep on the bed because my ex slept there and the bed has 'memories'. I think she's crazy. I can't afford a new bed. She says not buying one is disrespectful to her. Who's right - me or her?

Slacker says if Connor breaks up with Aviva that would mean he needs to buy a new bed every time he got a new girlfriend. He thinks that if it was a piece of jewelry then yes get rid of it. But not a bed.  If you have to get rid of the mattress, then he needs to get rid of the entire bed, head board and everything because they are part of the relations too.

Steve said that yes, she is uncomfortable, but beds are not cheap. You can get rid of the mattresses all you want, but the memories are still in his head. He said that if this was happening to him, then he would have to get rid of the car, tables, everything.

Whose side are you on?

Connor's completely. I am dating a divorced man who kept the bed from the divorce and I think Connor’s girlfriend is crazy. That is just insecurity screaming out. A bed is a bed, it doesn’t hold anything. It’s an object. Not a person.

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01/16/2014 5:20PM
OPP: Get Rid of the Bed
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