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OPP: Gay Son

Candy has a 13 year old son who she believes to be gay. She says there have been signs for a long time such as him never talking about girls. She wants to approach him about to let him know it’s okay and his family will love him no matter what.

Slacker doesn’t know if it would give the son more confidence by approaching him or just embarrass him. He thinks they should possibly let him figure it out himself first so he understands it before they just bombard him.

Steve thinks it would completely embarrass him and confuse the son if she were to confront him about it. He thinks he is probably at an awkward stage and needs to find out his sexuality on his own first.  He thinks they should let the son tell them on his own time so as not to embarrass him.

Should she approach him about his sexuality?

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05/01/2014 5:18PM
OPP: Gay Son
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