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OPP: Friends with a Mom

 I'm writing you for some advice about breaking up with a friend. We used to be really close and did everything together. Then, she got pregnant and had a baby. Now she's always busy and when she can make time to get together, it's all about her baby. Instead of trying on dresses at the mall, it's all bathroom breaks for diaper changes, breast feeding in the food court, and stops at baby stores. I can't stand it! That's how it is everywhere we go. She went from the girl I could have some fun with to the total mom type. Should I tell her I can't be friends with her because she makes everything about her baby, or do I just slowly fade out of her life? Thanks for the help guys!
Slacker says that she should confront her. You can suggest a solution like offer to help pay for a baby sitter. Friendship is about pretending that you care about things even when you don’t. Either you are really friends or you’re not.

Steve says that segregation lies here. There are the people that have kids and the ones that don’t. You lose a lot that you used to have in common. When you are still single your life is still about partying and having fun. Someone needs to break it off because one of them made a life decision and the other didn’t. They don’t fit together anymore there worlds collided.

Whose side are you on? What advice do you have for Amber?

I think that a baby is a life changing event and your friendship is never going to be the same again. Nothing will ever come before that baby now not ever, not you, not a shopping trip, nothing! She has to get used to being a mom, the first time is the worst. Your whole life revolves around that child. Ask your friend to go do specific girls only no baby things. “Hey we should go to see a show or go out for a girl’s night as a break from the baby you deserve it being a mom is hard work.”


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12/04/2013 7:21PM
OPP: Friends with a Mom
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