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OPP: Friend's Eating Disorder


I have a friend who is underweight yet says things like "I have to punish myself in the gym because I ate a burger". She's constantly on a diet and most of the time we do see her eat, she orders a salad and barely picks at it. She also sees disgustingly skinny girls and makes comments like "Wouldn't it be nice to look like that?" I'm wondering if people can suggest a subtle way for me to get her to realize that she needs help. At this point, I'm really worried she is (or will become) anorexic. A lot of people always say that they saw the signs and wish they would have done something but didn't. I see all the signs and want to help my friend before it's too late!


Slacker many women make comments about having to work out harder to stay thin. If I was depressed and you found out I had just bought a gun you would get involved. This is different though since this will take longer to kill someone. He is worried that if Ramona steps up she may lose this person as a friend. But is she being a friend if she stays quiet and never says anything? Is this her friend’s cry for help?

Steve thinks Ramona should butt out. Steve has known people with eating disorders it was only when they hit the bottom on their own that they made the changes. They have had friends point it out and they didn’t care. They have to figure it out on their own. If she is depressed all the time this is a big sign.

Have you or anyone you know dealt with this problem? What should she do to help her friend?

I was anorexic when I was a teenager. All I ever put in my body was good old 23 flavors that’s right Dr. Pepper. 3 years I did this I was in bad shape until I got pregnant. I was so sick and my teeth started breaking apart because the baby took everything I had and that wasn’t much. I had to re-teach myself how to eat it was very difficult. After that I was very depressed all the time about how fat I was and rarely left the house. I have grown up and realized that looks go away I am ok with being me whatever size I am. Give her affirmations regularly about how great she is as a person. When I dealt with this it was because of low self esteem. Mention to her eating healthy means eating and a healthy regular amount to keep your body fueled. Giving her more energy to work out and keep your body in motion that can lead to a nice body.


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11/21/2013 5:39PM
OPP: Friend's Eating Disorder
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