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OPP: Friend's Crappy Kids

Today’s OPP is from Rachel

Yi! My best friend has 2 bratty kids and she likes to just drop by unexpectedly. Her kids jump on my couch, terrorize my dogs, destroy my house, etc. She tells them to stop after I say something to them, but she isn't firm and they don't listen to her. It seems like she comes to my house to get a "break" from her husband and kids while they destroy the happiness of my family. She is a very good friend and I want to stay friends with her but her kids make my family and I miserable. I don't even go out in public with them anymore because I'm so embarrassed by those kids. She has 2 kids and I have 4 and even my kids are embarrassed. What do I do?
Slacker says his kids misbehave in his house but not in others. He thinks it’s disrespectful for kids to run wild in someone else’s house. He thinks you can absolutely tell someone else’s kids to quit messing around if it’s in his house and not theirs. He thinks she should tell the neighbor not to come over anymore if her kids will disrespect her house like that.

Steve thinks you have to ask the parents for permission to scold their kids in your house. He thinks she has to speak up and tell the neighbor not to come over until the kids can behave. He thinks it’s wrong that the neighbor lets her kids use Rachel’s home as a bouncy castle/playroom.

Should she confront her neighbor’s kids? If yes how so?

I think she needs to confront her neighbor and tell her she’s isn’t welcome in their house until her children know how to respect their family and home.
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03/13/2014 5:19PM
OPP: Friend's Crappy Kids
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