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OPP: Forced Sports


Rachael wants to put her son into sports, problem is, and he has no passion or desire to do so. Her son is constantly reading books or playing video games and she says that he needs to be rough housed because it will be good for him.  Another reason Rachael wants to put her son into sports is because of the potential alone time she will get when he is at practice.
Slacker says you shouldn’t force anyone to do anything. He thinks you should let her son be the smart kid and potentially cure Ebola! Slacker says that it’s selfish to put him into sports so you can have alone time. Slacker says that he was forced to do band but soon after quit because it wasn’t his idea.
Steve says that she is right about people who play sports and are part of a team end up being more productive and successful. He says that the kids won’t do anything unless you force them to!
Do you think Rachael is doing the right thing?
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08/13/2014 5:19PM
OPP: Forced Sports
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08/13/2014 6:10PM
Shame on you, Mom
It's not bad enough that the child probably feels alienated at school, but at home he also has his mother saying that he's a wimp and a sissy. Woo! What a confidence boost. And you're wrong about athletes running the world, which I assume you mean in positions of power (ie: political). The people who are in those positions are the most confident. So instead of telling your child that he needs to play a sport, which he seems not interested in, you should encourage what your son does like to do. If you want alone time, chess club, theatre club, book club are all still viable and logical options for a child who is more introverted. Not everyone is a sports star or even plays. Don't belittle your child's intelligence because you are too shallow to see his potential (like slacker said "let him be the smart kid and cure Ebola). And also think about your true reasonings. If you want to drink while he is at practice, then I bet you won't be picking him up and I bet you'll miss more than one game. If you are going to MAKE him do something then you need to MAKE yourself do it too. I would think that child, otherwise, would start to think things like, "My mom wants me out of the house. My mom doesn't want me around. My mom would rather drink than come watch me play." Do you want to strengthen yours sons body or his resentment to you as a mother? A mother that supports her child's individuality and intelligence instead of calling him a sissy, that's the mother that will have a confident, driven and great son who goes far in life. Don't be the mom that a child says, "I'm so glad I'm not her." Be the mom that her child says, "my mom taught me to love myself and be proud of who I am and that's why I'm not afraid to stand up for myself, that's why I am where I am in life." Which mother will you choose to be?
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