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OPP:First Massage


Today's OPP is about Jessica who went to her first massage and instead of leaving relaxed, she left confused. The massage therapist was a woman and she kept massaging Jessica's butt. She'd massage Jessica's back, and then move to the butt. She would massage Jessica's legs and move back to her butt. She doesn't know if this normal or if the woman massaging her just liked her butt.

Slacker makes fun of Steve for being a creepy massage guy. He has never had a massage. Slacker thinks there may be an ulterior motive. He thinks Jessica is weird and is a little confused because she’s not complaining about the woman touching her butt, so he thinks she likes it. And if she likes it, then just go back.

Steve loves massages. At first it was for pain, and not pleasure. He said they never touched his butt.  He asks Jessica if she asked the woman to stop massaging her and she said she didn’t tell the massage therapist to stop.

Is this normal?

I’ve gotten a massage and it was a guy that was massaging me, but he was very careful not to touch my butt that much. I mean it did tickle and I would flinch, but even then he didn’t touch it that often. I don’t think this is normal.

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01/21/2014 5:35PM
OPP:First Massage
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