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OPP: First Date Advice


First Dates can be SCARY!

“I’m going on a date this weekend and it will be my ‘REAL’ first date. I was kind of a nerd in high school and focused more on school than girls in college. I met a girl online and we’ve been talking for a few weeks now and agreed to meet in person and go on a date. I want it to be the perfect night for her. I have some money saved up, so we can do just about anything. I know Steve goes on a lot of dates, so I was wondering if he could give me a few tips on where to go and what to do on a first date. Thanks guys!”


Slacker he should make it a date and go old school with flowers, pick her up, and take her to dinner. Spend money to try and impress her also but don’t think that this is all you need to do.

Steve says that before he would say to pick her up, open the car door, treat her like a lady and listen to her and all the fluff. Now he feels that when boiled down a relationship is pure business, the more you spend the better chance you have at a better return on your investment. Dating is a commodity. The more you spend the more she feels obligated. Spend money to win her over. Throw money at it and you will get something back.

What is your advice for our young Romeo?

You must know some of her interests by now incorporate that and something that has you written all over it. Make sure you have plenty of time to talk through the night. Be a gentleman! My Idea of the perfect date is something like this…. I love food…A yummy place for dinner is always great…I know some great pricey places but your favorite would be great even if it’s a hotdog stand downtown. I love music and theatre…. so a concert or a venue that had a live band playing a Broadway or comedy show. I love to talk…..Find a quiet comfy spot that you can just unwind and talk….Like your favorite spot or a late night coffee place (decaf)….No pressure and just chat for a while. All the while he would be sweet like holding the door, asking meaningful questions and paying for dinner. Steve is right here we want a guy to show that he is doing well financially but we would take original over fancy any day of the week.


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11/13/2013 5:36PM
OPP: First Date Advice
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11/13/2013 5:59PM
Money & Dating
Guys.... I listened to your comments regarding basically "buying a woman!" Here are my thoughts for you on this one: I don't care where stand on this one; Here is the plain, simple, and undeniable truth: If a man sets out to "buy" a woman; That's what he will have done. If a woman sets out to be bought by a man; That's what she will have done. We all know what that is.... Is that what you want?
11/13/2013 6:47PM
From a twenty year old woman's perspective
What kind of a woman does Kyle want to have in his life? Does he want a woman who can only be impressed by dollars, or does he want a woman who will admire and care for Kyle because of the man he is? Sure, if lavish gifts, and extravagant restaurants are Kyle's style, then by all means he should express himself the way he wants. But the mentality that the more you throw money at someone, the more you earn some sort of a reward, is honestly a little selfish. I can't speak for all women, because well, I don't know all the women. But I personally have to say the sexiest thing above all is a genuine man. A man who is thoughtful, passionate, caring, creative, and above all himself. The idea that somehow women owe the men something because of their investment is so cheap and disgusting. Men should take care of the women because they want to, and women will express their affection and gratitude because they also want to. Yes, women enjoy relations probably just as much as men. But be aware of the kind of woman you may attract by just throwing money at her. If she can only be impressed by the amount of money you spend, then she is a selfish and materialistic girl. In the end what is it worth if she will only have relations with you, if you spoil her? Your connection with her will be shallow. Be a gentleman Kyle. Take care of her and let her get to know you for the man you are, not the amount of money you have in your wallet. If you have a genuine connection, you don't have to worry about if you'll be having relations or not. Miwha Geschwind
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