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OPP: Facebook Pity Party


I’m having an issue with a coworker/friend.  This person and I have worked together, off-and-on, for close to 4 years.  They’re very nice but in the past 6 months they’ve started driving me a little crazy.  They started posting inspirational quotes on Facebook.  Now that’s all fine and good and plenty of people do that, but then it turned into the ONLY thing they would post.  Then the frequency of those postings became 3 to 4 per day.  And then this person started quoting THEMSELVES in their statuses.  And finally, in the past 3 months, this person has become extremely passive aggressive on Facebook… Vague Booking.  They’ll complain about people “dragging them down”; but it’s not outright complaining, it’s all extremely passive aggressive, just begging for interaction. Now don’t get me wrong, this person is very nice, loves to laugh and is very genuine.  However, that’s all in person.  Their online personality is becoming unbearable and it’s affecting the way I feel about them as a person and a friend.  When they post something that should evoke genuine concern on my part, I’m totally desensitized.  I can feel myself not wanting to be their friend any longer. My gut tells me to talk to them about it, tell them how they’re coming across and how that’s affecting people’s perception of them but I worry I’m the only one and that in talking to them, it’ll drive us apart.

Slacker you have to determine is this person genuinely nice or a tormented soul like their facebook character. Maybe they are crying out for help. If you care about them shouldn’t you care about every part of them? Shouldn’t you ask them if there is something wrong in real life?  Or ask them…Are you aware of what you are like online? Do you see that the only dimension of yourself that you allow people to see is this? If that is how they want it then you tried.

Steve said maybe that is how they reach out. Don’t you hate it when friends start out cool and then they get needy and then you want to dump them? Hiding the news feed is not going to work.  What if something were to happen to her friend?

What should she do? Save her friendship? Or break it off?

I had this problem with a friend of mine a while back she would post up about every little thing she was doing all day. “Hopping in the shower” “got to put on my makeup and get to work” “Pop Tarts or Cereal?” “Yummy Chinese for lunch” “About to head home.” Get the picture? AHHH drove me nuts! She never had anything good to say. So I unsubscribed to her posts to my cell and when they came up on my news feed I blocked them. Only other thing I can suggest is to “un-friend” her on FB to save your real relationship as the last resort.


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11/07/2013 6:04PM
OPP: Facebook Pity Party
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