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OPP: F.W.B. to I.L.Y.


This is kind of embarrassing but maybe you can help...I have a FWB and the last time we were having relations, he blurted out "I love you." Then, after our time together, instead of the usual see ya later, he kissed me goodbye and has been talking to me like I'm his girlfriend. I'm freakin’ out! Is this my mind playing tricks on me or did something change without me knowing? Uuugh...HELP!


Slacker has never had a FWB and can’t imagine having relations without kissing. Sometimes an FWB turns into a relationship. She didn’t say she didn’t like it. Slacker thinks that she likes him and is unsure how to say it.

Steve doesn’t believe in love he thinks it is a chemical thing. It is the worst time to say “I Love You” is during the throws of passion. She should dump this guy they had rules and he broke them.

Should she talk to him? Call the whole thing off? What should she do?

When people are that intimate their emotions can run high. It is not a surprise that he is having those feelings. If he has those feelings and you don’t call it off because you will hurt him more if you continue the relationship.

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12/05/2013 5:17PM
OPP: F.W.B. to I.L.Y.
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