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OPP: Ex is Still Appealing

Yi! Here is today's unsigned OPP:

Yi Slacker and Steve, I have a huge problem that I need advice on. I just recently got engaged to my fiancé and we are very much in love and I want to set a date so bad but one thing is making me hesitant, my ex boyfriend. We dated for 2 years and was my first real love and boyfriend. I love my fiancé with all my heart and see a future with him, but is it ever possible to forget your first love? Please help.

Steve says every woman can relate to this one. He thinks every single woman in a relationship has someone from their past that they are still pining for. Steve said guys just move on. They remember the times fondly but they don't ever want to go back and be with someone they broke up with. He says this is why he will never marry. He thinks every married woman is probably settling and he doesn't want to play second fiddle to someone.

Slacker said he is a scorched earth kind of a guy. Once a relationship is over, he is done with it and knows there is a reason it didn't last.

What advice do you have for her? Do you still have feelings for your first love?

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06/30/2014 8:29PM
OPP: Ex is Still Appealing
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07/02/2014 3:03PM
I still talk to my ex.
My ex boyfriend and had s turbulent and somewhat volatile relationship. It was intense, exciting and for the most part never boring. We did a lot of firsts together, vacation, good and bad times. I took the iniative and broke up with him. Broke both our hearts. And to this day I still love him with all my heart. And yes we still talk to one another. I do not see myself with anyone else at this time. And as far as I know he hasn't moved on either. So yes I find him appealing.
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