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OPP: Dump the Blind Guy

Yi, I listen to you guys everyday on my drive home from work. I have a bit of an issue, and don't have anyone else to seek advice from. You see, I'm a single mom of three boys, and am dating a man who is slowly going blind. The issue is I really like him, but now am questioning if it could work out. I feel we could never be a normal couple. We couldn't go to the state fair, movies, etc. Yeah we could go to dinner, but I think that might be the only thing. You see he is almost completely blind already. When we go to church I have to help him around the church. I would always have to drive us places, do all the shopping, etc. I also have my 3 sons. Their dad is in the picture some what, but he could never play sports or do activities with them. I also don't think I could ever live with him. With my 3 sons, he could fall and get hurt because of a toy they left out, or anything else. I'm not sure what to do. I think this makes me sound like a cold and shallow B, but I'm thinking not only of my sons, but him as well. It would be different if I didn't have any children and we were together, but I do have children.
Slacker says that Shana doesn’t list one good thing about this guy and the relationship. She just has a list of things that are going to give her trouble later on. He asked Steve if the woman of his dreams walked into his life, but the one thing that is wrong with her is that she is going blind. How do you tell someone that you’re breaking up with someone that you’re blind?

Steve says you can break up with someone with a disability. A person can’t get sued for breaking up with someone. He wouldn’t stay with his dream girl Slacker brought up. She has to come up with a reason other than the blindness. He said if he had cancer or something then he would push the other person away. Immediately.  And tell them to go live their life.

What advice can you give Shanna?

I think Shana is very rude and shouldn’t have led this guy on already. She should just make up a reason and leave him so he can find someone better.

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03/17/2014 5:21PM
OPP: Dump the Blind Guy
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03/18/2014 4:14PM
It's not about the blindness
The blindness is an excuse for her to leave him. He is either the guy for her and they will find a way to work through challenges together, or he is not. Every relationship hits bumps in the road and the ability to face it together is what makes it strong. The problem is not his disability, it is her lack of commitment to her partner.
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