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OPP: Done Being a Bridesmaid

Yi! Our OPP is from Jessica:
Yi! My friends are starting to get married at an alarming rate. Seriously, my single friends seem to be falling like Dominos. And because of this, I've been asked to be a bridesmaid in four weddings already this year! I really don't have the money or the time to continue at this rate so I'm thinking of sending out a mass email to all my former sorority sisters, cousins, and coworkers telling them that I love them dearly, but if they ask me to be in their wedding party, I will flat out say no. Is that too harsh or do I have the right to put a stop to this bridesmaid BS before it gets any worse?
Slacker says even if she doesn’t want to be a bridesmaid then she has to still buy a present for the new couple and all the bachelorette stuff. Slacker asked Jessica if she received an email like the one she plans to send out how she would react. She says she would totally understand. He says she is a good bridesmaid, and now all her friends want her in their wedding. He says he definitely wouldn’t send a mass email to tell her friends that she doesn’t want to be in their weddings. His ex-wife had a summer where she was in a couple weddings and she had to get the matching jewelry, shoes, etc. It is a pain!

Steve thinks she is jealous of her friends getting married. She denied being jealous. He thinks Jessica is too friendly and has set a standard that she is a good bridesmaid.

What advice can you give Jessica?


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07/10/2014 5:17PM
OPP: Done Being a Bridesmaid
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