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OPP: Divorced Parenting

Today’s OPP is from Andy
Yi! I share custody of my son with my ex-wife. Over 2 weeks ago, I emailed her about his bad grades and that he was going to start being grounded again if he didn't turn in homework. Well, he decided to not turn in homework. I let the both of them know that he was going to be grounded when he came to my house. Now he refuses to come over and "I'm an abusive parent with outrageous rules that aren't fair." She lets him live his life without rules and consequences. She's knowingly and willing breaking our parenting plan and divorce decree and doesn't care. I can't get my attorney or the courts to help. I need some outside advice and opinions.
Slacker thinks the story is only one sided. He wonders why the son would call him abusive if he was only threatening to ground him. He thinks it’s hard for them to be parents together when they no longer have a love or lust for each other. He thinks they might be in a disagreement because they are divorced and no longer want to agree with each other.

Steve thinks the mom is playing the good cop. If she doesn’t ground him he’ll want to stay at her house more than the dad’s. He thinks they switched places since usually the dad wants to be the cool dad who doesn’t care and the mom is up tight. He thinks the son should have done what he was told but thinks they need to hear both sides of the story.

Do you think Andy has the right to punish his son for misbehaving?

I think the son should be punished for not listening but I also think there may be another side to the story. I think the son may be pushing the dad’s buttons on purpose so that he doesn’t get in trouble with his mom. He’s playing the field by picking favorites to get what he wants it sounds like.
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03/20/2014 5:25PM
OPP: Divorced Parenting
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