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OPP: Dating Debt

Yi! Our OPP today comes from Tom:

Yi! I'm dating a woman and I'm not sure if I'm going to take the relationship to the next level because she's $30k in credit card debt. She's everything I could want in a mate, but she's got lots of debt baggage. If it was college loan debt, somehow that would be more bearable but this is just spending on stuff she obviously couldn't afford. She's made it known that she will always be the one responsible for the debt and won't ever put it on me if we get married. She’s also told me that she made bad decisions when she was younger and has matured and is smarter with money now. Am I the only one who would be scared? Do you shy away from relationships with people who are in a lot of debt?

Steve says that marriage is the only institution someone can enter a pauper and leave a prince or princess. He thinks that Tom needs to run now because he feels that Tom's girlfriend is just using him as a way to unload her debt. Steve can't understand how anyone can love another person so much that they are willing to take on a debt like that.

Slacker said that when you love someone you find a way to make things work. Chances are that Tom can afford his lifestyle already, so why not move forward and continue to pay for himself and let her work on clearing her debt.

Do you think Tom should be wary of being in a relationship with a woman that has so much debt?

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01/22/2014 10:29PM
OPP: Dating Debt
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