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OPP: Daddy Diet

Today’s OPP is from Elliott:
Elliott and his wife are expecting a child. During the pregnancy his wife thinks that he should do everything that she has to. No drinking, eating the same foods, going to bed at the same time, and so on. Elliott thinks this is crazy but he also wants to know what he should do.
Slacker is wondering what would be the hardest part about the whole thing. He can understand the no drinking thing because it’s easy to drink when she is a constant DD.  Slacker says that the way Elliott is looking at this is completely wrong, especially when he says “she wanted the baby” and things like that.
Steve says he understands where Elliott is coming from. He says that Elliott doesn’t like it because he wasn’t able to choose the lifestyle for himself. Steve feels like it’s a sign of disrespect that Elliott isn’t willing to even consider this for the next five months.
What advice do you have for Elliott?
I think Elliott should consider what his wife is asking. It’s not forever and she is pregnant after all, the least he can do is do the best he can to go through it with her.
Intern Tyler
(Courtesy Photo: Freedigitalphotos.net)

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07/16/2014 5:21PM
OPP: Daddy Diet
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