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OPP: Coach Purse Mom


My best friend has started buying all this really expensive stuff for herself, but doesn't spend anything on her daughter. I mean the poor girl still has a jacket from five years ago. While her mother is walking around with coach bags, watches, and shoes. I want to tell her that I think she needs to buy her daughter a coat instead of buying more stuff for herself. Is it wrong of me to do that? I think I might even buy her daughter a jacket.


Slacker says you have to ask if the child is actually being neglected. When you first have a kid you want to spend a ton of money on your kids.  You want your kid to look good. After a while you get to the point where you realize that it is silly to buy Air Jordan’s for your baby that can’t walk yet. If my friend bought my kid a necessity I would be offended. This is really shaky territory.   

Steve says that she should mind your own business. Steve says he would take his kids (if he had any) to goodwill to get them clothes because with kids it is a waste of money.

She needs your advice. Should she tell her friend how she feels? Should she step up and buy her a coat herself? Or should she mind her own business?

I used to take my friends daughter shopping all the time for clothes. It doesn’t have to be that offensive or in your face if you want to buy her the coat. I do feel like Darla needs to get to the bottom of the reason for this new behavior. She should talk to her about it without putting her on the defensive. If she is your best friend she deserves the benefit of the doubt. There may be an underlying reason for all of it.


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11/22/2013 5:27PM
OPP: Coach Purse Mom
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11/22/2013 5:49PM
As a mom I believe your kids needs come before your wants and as children grow they are obviously need a coat more than every 5 years. If you are that much of a selfish person you shouldn't bring children into this world.
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