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OPP: Brother?s Bad Proposal


My brother wants to propose to his girlfriend, but I'm worried that he is going to do it the wrong way. He has this whole plan to propose to his girlfriend during her surprise birthday party. I think it's a pretty cool idea, but he doesn't have a ring. He said she won't care, but I'm not too sure about that. I have a feeling that every girl wants some sort of ring. He says that she isn't high maintenance, but I don't believe that. . I think she is going to be upset about it. Does he have to have a ring?


Slacker you may be able to get away with it if you ask her under the moonlight during an emotional moment but if you are going to make a spectacle at her birthday party then you better have a ring! Certain things are tradition. If you want to spend the rest of your life with this person you should have a ring. Every woman has dreamt of this moment. Amber does not want her brother to look like a fool in front of everyone at the party.

Steve thinks there are women out there that wouldn’t care. If he doesn’t have a ring then it is proof that he is not ready for what is about to happen. If you don’t have the money then wait till you do. Do it privately if you insist on it.

How important is the ring? Does he have to have one?

When I got engaged to my ex-husband I asked him and didn’t have a ring. He bought me one later. It was sweet. The second time I got engaged I was upset at the ring he chose since it was the opposite of what I hinted at (we broke up before the knot got tied). I think the offering of the ring is important it is showing her what she means to you. You took the time to pick it out for her and are really serious about what you want. I have never had a real ring and I think I deserve one the next time around.


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11/06/2013 5:25PM
OPP: Brother’s Bad Proposal
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11/06/2013 5:39PM
You Guys are SO WRONG!
My daughter told her boyfriend that if he had a "stupid diamond ring" if he asked her to marry him that she would say "NO". The last thing she wanted was an engagement diamond. They are married and they wear beautiful platinum wedding bands. Not all women love showy stuff, some are embarrassed by it. A big diamond does NOT mean a big love story.
11/06/2013 9:43PM
brother proposal
Let's be honest, every girl dreams about the "one knee and ring " all her friends ask too see the ring cause it's a big deal! " oh yeah, he didn't give me one " is it mandatory, it should be, but even low maintenance girls want a ring. eHe'll look really bad if he does it in front of everyone, and there's no ring, Katherine
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