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OPP: Boyfriend Jealous of Massages

Yi, my boyfriend and I recently got into a huge fight because of my massage therapist. My boyfriend says there is no reason that another man should be touching me the way he does. I had a bad car accident and my therapist is the only one, who truly knows my body and how to correct it. He gave me his personal number so I could book appointments specifically with him and that made my boyfriend mad. He says what I'm doing is wrong because of how much I enjoy the massages and look forward to seeing my therapist. Now, I feel sort of guilty. Am I cheating? I know I would be jealous if my man had a hot massage therapist working on him. What should I do?
Slacker says if you wouldn’t want your mate to do it, why do you expect your mate to like you doing it? He says he doesn’t like the way Heather words this. The therapist handing out a personal number is already crossing a few lines. When Slacker was getting massages, he says the ‘bigger’ women were way better, but he wouldn’t want his wife to go see a hot therapist. Slacker is anti-therapist.
Steve says she’s not enjoying the massage; she enjoys the relief after the car accident. Should she get a woman therapist? Or stop getting massages? Steve says if you have a good client, you want to keep them so giving out a personal number is no biggie.
What’s your advice for Heather?
Intern Alli
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08/05/2014 5:50PM
OPP: Boyfriend Jealous of Massages
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08/05/2014 7:42PM
you guys need social media and production help
you guys have zero comments on all of these, maybe shout out on air to this page, I would help but I only do audio production. cheers, H
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