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OPP: Boyfriend Doesn't Want My Selfies

Candy has been trying to spice up her relationship with her boyfriend of a year and a half. She started sending him naked pics, but he asked her stop because he doesn’t want a girlfriend that does that kind of thing.

Slacker thinks Steve is over thinking it. Just because he doesn’t want pictures doesn’t mean he is cheating. He doesn’t get the picture thing; he likes women right in front of him. He thinks of himself as “warped, ” because pictures don’t do anything for him. He would rather get a text saying what terrible things you’re going to do. There’s no mystery. Slacker thinks that the boyfriend is just a classy guy that is telling his girl to stop sending. It is not unrealistic for a guy to think this.

Steve thinks he is cheating. What guy wouldn’t want pictures of his girlfriend?! The fact that there’s no mystery is the point of the picture.  The boyfriend is done with her. It is over. But there’s something to him vocalizing how he feels.

What should Candy do?

I think that Candy just needs to ask him why he doesn’t want the pics.  If he is a real man then he would not get tired of the pictures… I think there is something else going on here. He is getting other pictures from someone else or he’s gay. She either needs to dig deep and do some investigating or leave. If he doesn’t want to spice it up with her…on to the next one!

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12/09/2013 5:27PM
OPP: Boyfriend Doesn't Want My Selfies
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