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OPP: Boy Wants a Bridal Shower


Alec is getting married to his fiancé very soon. However, she doesn't want to have a bridal shower. He thinks she should have a bridal shower because they don't have the essential things for their home at this very moment.  

Slacker asks Alec why he cares about the bridal shower. He replies that they literally have nothing in their apartment and he wants to get free stuff from them for their apartment. If she’s anti-shower then she will be forever. That means no baby shower when they have children. If they don’t have stuff in their apartment then maybe they should be focusing on getting their lives together before getting married.

Steve says he is being selfish. She doesn’t have say in his bachelor party so he shouldn’t have in her bridal shower. Alec replied with the idea of doing a surprise shower for her and Steve said that might not be a good idea. He shouldn’t ambush her. He sounds selfish but he’s not. He just wants his fiancé to be happy.

How should he convince his fiancé to have a bridal shower? What advice do you have for Alec?

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07/24/2014 5:16PM
OPP: Boy Wants a Bridal Shower
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07/24/2014 5:32PM
So, while the bride-to-be is against traditional bridal showers, who says it has to be traditional? Tell everyone to bring presents, have a present opening part, and then go paintballing or something! There is no law saying you have to follow the 'traditional' bridal shower rules, have FUN!
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