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OPP: Best for the Kids

I've been a single mom to my two boys for most of their life. It's been hard and there's been plenty of times that I can't give them the things they deserve in life. They've missed out on sports because I couldn't afford the fees, they've had to skip days at the pool with their friends because I couldn't pay the admission, and there hasn't been a year I could get them new school clothes. The list goes on.
I've been seeing "John" for the last 7 months and he's great with my boys. I found a ring at John's house and I'm 99% sure he is going to propose to me. I'm not positive I want to marry him, but I know that if I say yes my sons will be taken care of and get the things they've always deserved. John owns his own company and will take care of us. My kids will finally get to be kids instead of always worrying about money. I'm torn. I know saying yes isn't the right thing to do to John, but I also know that I have to give my boys the best life I can. What do I do?
Slacker thinks that she would be teaching her kids to live in a loveless marriage. He asks if she would fake being a good wife and always felt in debt to him. He says women and men have done way worse things to provide for their kids.
Steve hates women that use men, but he understands why she would do this. He wants to hate her but she is obviously a great mom. Steve asks Slacker about his kids and if he would do anything for his kids and he of course answered yes, even if it was deceitful. He says what is wrong with a business arrangement where he will marry her because he wants to have a companion and she can provide for her children.
What should candy do?
I think she should just do it. If she has been with him for 7 months already then there is something in him that she must love.
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02/06/2014 5:19PM
OPP: Best for the Kids
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