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OPP: Babying the Kids


Yi! I really want my wife to stop babying my kids. My kids are going to be so soft. Anytime, they scrap a knee or cry...she just runs over to them and hugs them. I mean I love my children, but we need to toughen up this generation. I mean seriously. This is why there is such a demand for therapists. I mean baby them and then they can't deal with their feelings. I want to tell my wife, but I think she might get upset about it. What do you guys think? Should I tell her?
Slacker thinks Neil is a little bit right. He can’t approach her the way he wrote the OPP today. He says he sounds old school. It becomes instinct to protect your children, but neither one of their positions is wrong. It is not crazy to care if your kids get hurt. But you also can’t be so cold to brush it off when it is serious. It would turn your kids into something you or society wouldn’t like.

Steve mentions that Slacker went through this with his first born. And Steve says if you bubble wrap and run to your kids when they get hurt then that does make them soft because they will grow up thinking that everyone will run to them every time they cry. He also sees her point of view though because he babies his Audi. When it hailed outside Steve ran out and put a car cover on the Audi. He understands that this women invested time into this baby. And she wants to protect the investment. But when does it become to much?

How should Neil tell his wife about her parenting style?

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04/22/2014 5:18PM
OPP: Babying the Kids
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