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OPP: BFF Blunder

Yi! Today's OPP is from Morgan:

Yi! My mom and I have always been really close but we still didn't tell each other everything. We went to lunch together and it was like she didn't have anyone else to talk to and told me everything about her and my dad. She told me about fights they have about a woman he works with, problems with money, and even that they haven't had relations in about 6 months. I'm only 17, so I still live at home and it's really hard to look at my dad after everything she told me. I like being close with my mom but I feel like there is still some stuff I don't need to know. How do I tell her that?

Slacker thinks that if he were older and one of his parents told him something about the other parent, it would be better. He thinks that 17 is too young to confide these kind of things in your daughter. No kid wants to ever hear about their parent's relations life.

Steve also thinks Morgan's mom crossed a line. He said it is fine to be intimate with your daughter and be her BFF, but you can't rip on dad to accomplish that. Steve thinks there is a chance that Morgan's mom is trying to use Morgan as a middle man to communicate with her husband.

How does Morgan tell her mom that there are some things she doesn't need know?

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04/08/2014 9:48PM
OPP: BFF Blunder
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04/09/2014 4:37PM
OPP from Morgan
Children, no matter the age, need to have a good relationship with their parents no matter what is happening between them. Morgan needs to have be able to comfortable with her parents and not have negative thoughts put in her mind about one or the other. She will realize soon enough that even parents do things wrong and are not perfect. Don't take that away from her.
04/09/2014 7:00PM
Say no to Mom
I listened to the comment that someone made about poor mom, ungrateful daughter, she should be more supportive. I have been in Morgan's shoes at the tender age of 10. Unfortunately it was not a one time deal. Without going in to too much detail, it totally ruined the way I would approach relationships in the future. Never really trusting my boyfriends and expecting the worst from the get go. Acting out as a Teenager with drinking and drugs, and even to this day having a strained relationship with my mom. There are certain things that parents should not share with their kids and that is one of them. Only a selfish person would put a child in the middle and make that child essentially choose between which parents side to take. It has absolutely nothing to do with being treated as a grown up or child, it's boundaries plain and simple. Dajana
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