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OPP: Weight Intervention

Today’s OPP is from Danielle, who is worried about her sister and the life decisions she has recently made.

Yi! I’m REALLY concerned about my sister. She’s put on about 50 pounds in just one year – something out of the norm for her. Even though she says her marriage is fine and that she’s happy, my family and I are thinking about putting together a food intervention for her. We’re really worried about her health. How do we tastefully tell her that she really needs to get control of her eating habits?

Slacker and Steve don’t like the word intervention, and think that the show Intervention has altered people’s ideas, and that it works…it doesn’t in this situation.  She knows that she has gained weight; Slacker and Steve are stumped about the best way to handle this situation…

What advice do you have?

I’m sure Danielle’s sister is aware of the weight that she has gained, but maybe suggesting going for a hike and bike ride, even getting a deal of a gym class would be beneficial.  Weight is a touchy subject and I don’t think that the whole family sitting down for an intervention is the best way to go.
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05/02/2013 5:18PM
OPP: Weight Intervention
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