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OPP: Video Game Addicts

Today’s OPP is from Amy who is struggling with two addicts in her family…
Yi! Our family is trapped in video game hell. My son is 17, and the gaming is out of control. It has ruined our relationship, turning him into someone I don't even know who uses language that I can't believe is coming from him. What's more, my husband (his dad) allows it, because he is just as addicted to playing. They will sit and play games for 12-plus hours at a time, ignoring mealtimes and my requests to set a time limit.

Since we aren't in agreement, I'm trying to find a solution on my own. Forget imposing limits or taking the game away; violence begins (doors smashed, etc). I'm to the breaking point and don't even want to be in my own home anymore. I am even considering divorce. Any suggestions?
Slacker believes that being addicted to video games is just as bad as drugs.  You go in and get your fix, but every time it takes more and more to get to where you want to be.  Video games are also expensive they are at least $60 each, and they keep releasing new ones all of the time.  Steve thinks that Amy should give in and just start gaming with her husband and son.  Recently there was a stat that stated more and more women are starting to play video games. 
What advice do you have for today’s OPP?
I would try to find them a new habit, probably one that doesn’t require hours being glued to the TV. 
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06/17/2013 5:22PM
OPP: Video Game Addicts
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