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OPP: Used Date

Reed made V-Day reservations over a month ago for him and his girlfriend at a quaint sushi restaurant.  The last time he went there it was with his ex girlfriend, and the other night saw on his ex’s Facebook that she would also be going there for Valentine’s Day with her new boyfriend.  There is no way to get reservations at a different place and if they do go he is sure to run into his ex and receive some snide comments about bringing his girlfriend to the same place he brought his ex.  
Slacker doesn’t think that Reed should change his favorite sushi restaurant, it’s clearly also his ex’s favorite too; it might be tainted because of the ex, but why change your favorite sushi place just because you also at there with an ex. Steve thinks that Reed’s girlfriend will think that’s it’s a “used” date and shouldn’t go.

What should he do?
Personally I think that if Reed is really worried about what could happen if they do go, that they should just make sushi at home.  Hey, and if the sushi doesn’t turn out they could always order pizza.  The sushi date should probably be rescheduled for a later date. He also should be friends with his ex on Facebook.
Intern Lauren
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02/14/2013 5:36PM
OPP: Used Date
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