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OPP: Trying to Make Me Healthy

Today's OPP comes from Carly:

Yi Slacker & Steve! The day before last my boyfriend was on his way home so I asked him to stop and get me a sandwich. Here’s exactly what I told him I wanted: a turkey and ham with extra cheese, extra mayo and all the fixings. Here’s exactly what he came home with: a turkey sandwich with some lettuce on it. I asked him if they messed up his order too and he said “They didn’t mess anything up. You've been saying you want to eat healthier so I got you a sandwich without mayo and all the other fatty ingredients." I was (and still am) so mad!! I do want to eat healthier, but it's not up to him to decide when!! He doesn’t understand why I’m so mad and says he was just trying to help. How do I get him to realize that he was a jerk for doing that to me?
Steve says this is a 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' situation for her boyfriend. He was being attentive and saw this as an opportunity to help her out! Steve thinks this was his opportunity to be a supportive boyfriend! Slacker says this guy went to far! If he wanted to be a good boyfriend he should have brought her home the meal she wanted!

What do you think? Did he go to far? Does she have a right to be mad?

(Photos Courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)


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11/13/2012 5:30PM
OPP: Trying to Make Me Healthy
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