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OPP: Tried to Help a Co-Worker


Today’s OPP wants to do the impossible… un-ring her annoying little bell.


A co-worker of mine has been going through some tough times personally so I gave her my information and told her to give me a call if she ever wanted to talk.  Well, although I really did want to help her if I could, I now wish I could take it all back.  She called me four times over the weekend and text me too many times to count.  And now she's asked to go to lunch with me this week and I don't think she means just once.  Beyond looking for a new job, how do I get myself out of this mess?


Slacker remembers when they were in their old office building they had to go through security before entering their studio.  Most people would simply pass by “Bob”, but one day Slacker decided to stop and ask “Bob” how he was, what his life is like, etc.  From that day on Slacker had to leave for work 45 minutes early because “Bob”, Slacker’s new BFF, would talk his ear off before letting him into the building.  Slacker was ultimately let “off the hook” because they moved to a new building without security.  Steve thinks Mindy should come up with a white lie to ease the sting of getting her co-worker off her back (so to speak).  

How should Mindy get herself out of “this mess”?

I think she should be straight with her co-worker but try to set some boundaries (perhaps a no-texting-on-the-weekends rule unless it’s an emergency, physical or otherwise).  It sucks when you have to set limitations if you want to help someone, but (sadly) sometimes these situations become an inconvenience.  In the end it’s easiest to be truthful.  

Stay classy!
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03/06/2013 5:40PM
OPP: Tried to Help a Co-Worker
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