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OPP: Too Much I Love You


Saying “I Love You” is a big moment in any relationship… For today’s OPP, it could be leading to the end! Paige's boyfriend loves to tell Paige he loves her...a lot, almost too much. She says that he told her almost 7 times in the morning before she even got out the door to work. He also texts her constantly throughout the day and she's starting to feel smothered.

“YI!!! I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost a year. About 3 months ago we first said “I love you.” I really do love him, but it has gotten out of control. He says it all the time! I’m not exaggerating either. Today before I left for work he said it at least 7 times. All day I get texts that say it while I’m at work. It’s like he has a stop watch and has to say it at least once every 30 minutes. It’s nice to be loved, but I’m starting to feel a little smothered—and he says it so much, the words are starting to lose value. I don’t want to break up over this, I’m just not sure that we can get any more serious unless it stops. How can I get him to slow the “I Love You” train down without derailing our relationship? –Paige”

Steve disagrees with Slacker on this one, he believes that many girls would kill to have a guy to be affectionate like that. Slacker on the other hand believes it’s too smothering and would not like that kind of affection.

What advice do you have for her?

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03/29/2013 5:42PM
OPP: Too Much I Love You
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