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OPP: Toddler in Restaurant


Today’s OPP comes from Joanna. She recently went to a nice restaurant with her boyfriend on a date. The people on her left had a three year old child who was crawling under her table, touching her feet, and pestering her asking her questions like what she ordered and if she was going to have dessert. The whole time the parents didn’t say a word!

Slacker agrees that those parents were jerks, but Joanna chose to go to a family style restaurant where the seating is not at tables, one-on-one, which doesn’t make it okay, but almost more acceptable where these parents were coming from. Slacker says it’s the same thing as when you get on a plane. The airline agrees to fly you form city A to city B, they never say the ride will be quiet, relaxing, and smell perfect. If you go to a family style restaurant, they don’t guarantee you will have a silent, peaceful mean, they guarantee the food will be good.

Steve is 100% with Joanna, he thinks that the kid was being a brat and she should have told the kid to shut up. He does think though that if she had said something to the kid then the parents would all of a sudden have noticed and said, hey don’t talk to my kid like that.

What should Joanna have done? Should she have said something to the parents?

With Love,
Intern Elana

(Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

08/20/2013 5:25PM
OPP: Toddler in Restaurant
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