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OPP: Tell Him I?m Bipolar


April has something wrong with her that can’t be identified just by looking at her.

Today’s OPP comes from April…

Yi guys! In the last month or so, I’ve gone on 7 dates and exchanged countless texts with a guy I met while out one night. I really like him and he seems pretty into me. I guess what I’m saying is it feels like there is potential here. The problem is that I haven’t told him that I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 6 years ago. I know I should tell him before things get too serious, but I also don’t want to tell him too early and scare him away. What should I do? At what point would it be a good idea to tell him?


Steve knows there has to be a hard number here. After all, he's the single guy on the show. He's known people that have dated for 6 months and not said a thing!

Slacker wants to know if you should wait until you have relations to tell someone you have STD's. Same kind of thing here. You should come clean as soon as you feel the relationship is going to continue. Slacker once had a woman tell him she had Herpes and then she tried to explain how she got it from a toilet seat...No relations ever occured...

Steve also reminds people that he is not looking for a solid commitment and if you have any issues, physical or mental, it can't hurt to come forward sooner rather than later.

What advice do you have for April?

Tell him now. He'll either be cool or he'll bail. It's not the first time you find a good fit for you and it sure won't be the last...If he is an educated man, he'll know that the diagnosis is treatable and it involves lots of communication on both sides of the relationship. Find out if he's in...NOW!

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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11/09/2012 5:24PM
OPP: Tell Him I’m Bipolar
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