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OPP: Take Baby Daddy Back?


Today’s OPP comes from Candy, she writes:

Yi guys! We were/are a young couple that met two years ago. I unexpectedly became pregnant at the beginning of last year. During the pregnancy I discovered that he had been and was continuing to be unfaithful during our relationship. Needless to say, I ended things immediately when I found out. I went through the second half of my pregnancy alone, and did not see/talk to him until the day our baby was born. Since the birth of our child he has done a complete turnaround. We have recently decided to give our relationship another try. However, the idea of his infidelity still really bothers me. He has apologized and been absolutely wonderful, but I feel this overwhelming need to ask him the answers to the questions that I obsess about all the time. We have tried couples therapy, but he didn't like it. Should I press the issue or just move on? I don't want trust issues to be a problem down the road because I can't fully understand why he did what he did. I would really appreciate your advice and the advice of listeners.

Slacker doesn’t believe in the old saying ‘once a cheater always a cheater’. He understands why Candy wants to ask him closure questions, but thinks that it can backfire. Slacker says that he would not want to know details if it were him. Steve thinks that Candy has to first let him be invested as a father before she begins asking him about his past. Steve’s advice for Candy is to let him get a grip on fatherhood and take things slow.  

Should Candy take back her man…and if she does should she confront him about his past?

Personally I think she definitely should talk with him about it. In order to avoid trust issues in the future they need to clear up problems they’ve had in the past. I think they should get everything out in the air and begin with a fresh start.

With Love,
Intern Elana

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06/25/2013 5:24PM
OPP: Take Baby Daddy Back?
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