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OPP: TV in the Bedroom


They are newlyweds and Michelle and her husband are at odds on whether to purchase a TV for their bedroom or not...he wants one and she does not.

Slacker has a TV in his bedroom, but knows that it would be better if it was not there…he just needs it to fall asleep.  Steve thinks a TV would be beneficial in order to get the ball rolling. As for marital advice Slacker says comingling friends is necessary. 

What advice do you have?

I always think a TV in the bedroom is a bad idea.  As for marital advice, my Mom says it is crucial to keep the bridal shower leftover plastic utensils.   

Intern Lauren

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06/27/2013 5:21PM
OPP: TV in the Bedroom
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06/27/2013 6:13PM
sex on the tv
I'd say not til mileage gets you or grandchildren ( age not a factor) for the tv and then no cable and store it in a cabinet with doors. Seasoned advice- sex on the t.v. is fine just as long as you don't fall off, on impassable disagreements agree to disagree
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