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OPP: Suddenly Sex


Relations a usually good thing in marriage but Jodie is worried her husband might be cheating on her. Jodie wrote:

Yi! I'm 32 and have been married for 13 years. My love life was stagnant until a month ago when all of the sudden my husband became a tiger in the bedroom. As of late, he’s become much more adventurous. Some nights he comes home from work and can’t wait to get to bed. I asked him what’s sparked his newfound enthusiasm. He said he’s just been 'really up for the moment'. Should I believe him or be suspicious? Usually less lovemaking means a man's cheating. Am I missing something?
Steve says he is absolutely cheating. He doesn’t understand why Jodie can’t just enjoy it. He is confused why women always have to question it when their partners want to have relations and why they can’t just roll with it. Slacker thinks that people hit an age where they become more comfortable with themselves and that Jodie’s husband might have taken longer to reach that point. He says that when you’re younger you are more concerned on the aesthetics during relations but you get to a point where you just don’t care about that anymore. Slacker says that they have been married for 13 years, he knows she loves him, he is more comfortable with himself, there is no reason to jump to conclusions that he is cheating.

Do you think that Jodie should confront her man about cheating?

With Love,
Intern Elana

(Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net)

06/11/2013 5:40PM
Suddenly Sex
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