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OPP: Stop Sister's Wedding


Today’s OPP is thinking about stopping her sister’s wedding…because she’s in love with the groom! Jen and the groom hooked up a few years ago and she says it was magical. Since then she’s been convinced that he is the one and cannot stand by and watch him marry her sister.

Slacker thinks that making a scene at the wedding and stopping the whole thing will be a colossal mistake. Slacker says that this isn’t just some friend’s wedding…it’s her own sisters! Not to mention it was one kiss, if he wanted to be with her by now he would be.

Steve agrees that stopping her sister’s wedding is a big no no. He suggests pulling the groom aside before the wedding and telling him how she feels, or better yet, not saying anything at all!

What do you think she should do?

In my opinion I think it is a huge mistake to stop the happiest day of her sister’s life. Be selfless, be happy for her, and one day she too will find true love…with someone other than her sister’s fiancée.

With Love,
Intern Elana

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07/18/2013 5:31PM
OPP: Stop Sister's Wedding
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07/22/2013 5:56PM
What happened?
Slacker and Steve said they would update their listeners since the wedding was this weekend. It'd be nice to hear what happened...unless I missed it?
07/22/2013 9:11PM
What happened?
What happened?? Did she do it?!
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