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OPP: Stinky Kid

Yi! Today’s OPP is from Michelle:
Yi! I have a little parenting problem for you. My teenage daughter has a close friend who's very polite and stays out of trouble. Alexis is just the kind of kid you'd hope your kid would hang out with. Except for one problem – she smells. Bad.
I recently drove them home from the amusement park and had to keep the windows all the way down the whole way. Whenever Alexis is at my house, I have to Febreeze the couches after she leaves. This past weekend, my husband and I told our daughter that Alexis couldn't come over to watch a movie with us because we literally couldn't stand to be in the same room with her. You can smell her from a solid 10 feet away. It's really gross.
Our daughter doesn't know how to say something to her friend, and really, I'm not sure how she could start that conversation, either. What should she say? Is there any way we could step in as adults? Maybe say something to the girl's parents? And if the odor doesn't improve, what do we tell our daughter about having Alexis over in the future?
Thanks, Michelle
What advice do you have for Michelle?

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08/30/2013 8:35PM
OPP: Stinky Kid
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